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It's a nice web-site which let you to elo boost your League of Legends instantly and for free.

Today i will show you how you can boost your elo from Bronze to Diamond, instantly, without playing hundreds of hours of LoL.

All you need to do is to read instructions below.

What's ELO rating system and how it works in League of Legends

The Elo rating product is a method for calculating the relative abilities of players in competitor-versus-competitor games for instance chess. It is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-born American physics professor. The Elo system was originally invented as a possible improved chess rating system but is additionally used to be a rating system for multiplayer competition in a lot of video games, association football, gridiron football, basketball, Major League Baseball, competitive programming, esports, and also other games. The difference within the ratings between two players serves as predictor from the outcome of a match. Two players with equal ratings who play against 1 another are expected to get an equal volume of wins. A player whose rating is 100 points more than their opponent’s is expected gain 64%; if your difference is 200 points, next the expected score for your stronger player is 76%. A player’s Elo boost rating is represented by many which increases or decreases in relation to the results of games between rated players. After every game, the winning player takes points through the losing one. The difference between ratings on the winner and loser determines the entire number of points gained or lost after the game. In a compilation of games from a high-rated player plus a low-rated player, the high-rated player is expected gain more wins. If the high-rated player wins, then not many rating points is going to be taken in the low-rated player. However, if your lower rated player scores an upset win, many rating points will likely be transferred. The lower rated player can even gain a few points in the higher rated player from the event of an draw. This means that this rating technique is self-correcting. A player whose rating is not high enough should, inside long run, fare better than the rating system predicts, and therefore gain rating points prior to the rating reflects their true playing strength. In League of Legends the Elo rating of a player was applied by the matchmaking in ranked games to locate other players of any similar skill to play with/against ahead of the introduction with the League system in Season Three. Elo had not been used for custom and Co-op vs. AI games. The Elo rating for ranked games was different per type of queue: 3v3 arranged, 5v5 solo and 5v5 arranged teams. The rating was just visible for ranked games after 5 games played in a specific queue type. Players were given medals of their summoner profile determined by their Elo boost after Season One and Season Two. These medals ingested as follows:

Bronze (Old): Between 1250 and 1399 (3v3: 1249-1409, pre-made 5v5: 1249-1409) (Top 25%)

Silver (Old): Between 1400 and 1519 (3v3: 1410-1519, pre-made 5v5: 1410-1499) (Top 10%)

Gold (Old): Between 1520 and 1899 (3v3: 1520-1699, pre-made 5v5: 1500-1749) (Top 3%)

Platinum (Old): 1900 and above (3v3: 1700+, pre-made 5v5: 1750+) (Top 0.2%)

About a month before an end of Season 2, a brand new rating tiers system was introduced:

Bronze: At intervals 0 and 1149 (Team: 0-1249) (Top 100%)

Silver: At intervals 1150 and 1499 (Team: 1250-1449) (Top 68%-13%) Majority of Active Player Base

Gold: At intervals 1500 and 1849 (Team: 1450-1649) (Top 13%-1.5%)

Platinum: At intervals 1850 and 2199 (Team: 1650-1849) (Top 1.5%-0.1%)

Diamond: 2200 and above (Team: 1850+) (Top 0.1%)

So you want to Elo Boost your League of Legends account ?

Okay, first of all you need to go on League Reviver.

After that the site will ask for your in-game name:

league reviver name


Put your name, select your preferred League and your playing server.

Now you’re done! :)


It's a nice web-site which let you to elo boost your League of Legends instantly and for free.

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