Elvenar hack coin, supply storage and diamonds for beta and official

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This Elvenar hack it's pure awesome. Great work guys!

Elvenar hack the coin supply, storage supply and diamonds with our simple tool.

About Elvenar

In Elvenar you’ll discover yourself within a mythical fantasy world. This beautiful fantasy city builder helps you to choose to play as either elves or humans. Your task since the ruler on the town is usually to help your people prosper. While the mystic elves command powerful magic, which shows in the their creatures along with their buildings, humans exhibit a powerful connection to medieval weaponry. In the fantasy adventure Elvenar, nearly all building may be upgraded and visually changed many times to increase productivity, becoming too many beautiful in the operation. The main hall, factories, workers huts, residentials and more buildings are waiting to become upgraded through your eager hands. Transform your small village into an aspiring kingdom!

Embark on exciting quests within the world map, explore other places around your city and acquire rare relics to enhance your production. And don’t forget to look into advanced technologies! More than 200 different improvements may be discovered and unlocked from the online city builder whole world of Elvenar.

Elvenar  hack – begin your journey in a very long-forgotten fantasy world which has a small town, starting either as powerful magical elves or medieval, warlike humans. Explore the earth map of the amazing sport to uncover rare relics that will help you to increase your city faster!

Players collect coins off their citizen’s homes, while supplies have to be manually created inside workshops. These buildings may be upgraded to enhance their productivity, but upgrades lessen the kingdom’s culture. The more culture a society contains, the greater coins and supplies produced after a while, so players should purchase additional cultural decorations because the need arises. Early on, players can start researching technologies for their kingdom using Knowledge Points, an outside currency. These Knowledge Points are earned for free with time, or might be earned by a lot more important the NPC characters inhabiting the land around a player’s kingdom. These interactions may go one of two ways. Players can spend resources on peaceful negotiations, or send their units into combat.

During battle, units sit on a hexagonal grid, and players take turns moving along the grid, simply clicking enemy units to address. If players want to address, but aren’t enthusiastic about actually participating inside battle, they could trigger a motor vehicle fight instead, taking them straight away to the results screen.

Elvenar can be a free-to-play browser-based game, the place you will make a flourishing city and learn a magical world filled with mysteries.

In this enchanting city-builder it is possible to play just as one Elf, be close to nature and provide to your city an even more magical plant-like look. Or you are able to choose the engineering Humans option and stay the founder of an industrialized powerhouse with medieval style.

Build inside the most beautiful city and establish the best economic system that it is possible to! In Elvenar it is possible to upgrade virtually every building, raising the production and also the look of your respective city.

Explore the vast World Map to accumulate the knowledge of your respective wise ancestors and discover technology. Trade or fight over powerful Relics to further improve your production.

You may either become a skilled and well-known trader, refine your producing art or lead your troops to victory in 3D-animated battles, your decision is up to you.

Hack features:

  • Add unlimited diamonds
  • Add unlimited coins
  • Add unlimited storage supply

Proof video:

It’s easy to use!

Just set amount of coins, storage supply and diamonds you want and press GENERATE.

elvenar hack

Try our Elvenar Hack :

This Elvenar hack it's pure awesome. Great work guys!
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    Thanks man! It’s awesome!

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